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supplying various special steel

We are the expert of special steel materials and machining

  • Supplying various special steel
  • Satisfying all clients needs :
    forging, machining, heat - treatment, assembling,
    welding, polishing, coated products

Main Products

bearing steels (SUJ2)

We always have various bearing steels (SUJ2) in stock

  • Stock of round bar : Φ16 ~ 360 x 4000 ~ 6000L
  • Cold rolled steel : 1.6 ~ 4.5 thickness x 600 width x 2000L
  • Hot rolled steel : 5.0 ~ 18.5 thickness x 600 width x 2000L
  • Various structural steel and non heat - treated steel in stock

NC lathe turning

Machining of inner and outer ring in bearing : NC lathe turning

  • We own a lot of NC machining line for precision and mass production
  • Special machining technology
  • Product size : Φ50 ~ 170 x 5 ~ 15 width
  • Accuracy of machining : 30μm
  • Production capacity : more than 200,000 products / month

long and large diameter finished products

Long and large diameter finished products : collective management of quality and delivery date

  • We have good long products
    (less than 2800L)
  • Short and small diameter products are also available
  • Machining accuracy : 30μm
  • Production capacity : 1000 products / month

precision machined parts for machine tool

Precision machined parts for machine tool : large, precision machined parts

  • e.g. Φ300 x 350L
  • Internal diameter machining and edge polishing
  • Machining accuracy : roundness 20μm, cylindricity 20μm

machined parts for machine tool

Machined parts for machine tool

  • Using new variety of steel
  • Reducing thermal refining process,
    free machining,
    shorten machining time
  • Large and small quantity are available
  • Realize short delivery and low cost
  • Product size :
    e.g. Φ500 x Φ300 x 280H

quench and temper heat treatment, high frequency hardened material

Cutting machining of high hardened steel : S45C(quench and temper heat treatment + high frequency hardened material)

  • Cutting and machining technologies at the stage of long material
  • Cut down machining cost, realize short delivery

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